Health Matters: NLR Company Offers Onsite Gym, Healthy Snacks


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A local engineering firm is in the national spotlight for putting health and wellness in the forefront.

At Garver, employees are reaping the benefits of and onsite gym and healthy snacks.

In the engineering world, many workers spend most of their day in a cube, sitting and working on projects on their computer screens. But Garver is changing the way its employees work.

“Be more productive during the day, look forward to going to work,” explains Vickie Skach, Designer at Garver.

She’s talking about the company’s wellness program that pushes employees to get active in the gym, complete with a fitness instructor guiding them through workouts.

“In March of this year, we did the biometric screenings and I wasn’t happy with my blood pressure at all and I had gained some weight you know being here 4 years stuck in a cubicle,” she adds.

Vickie says the wellness program inspired her to make a change. She’s since dropped 15 pounds by working out, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and eating the company’s healthy snacks.

“I feel great. It’s just really great. And I’m proud,” she says.

Garver is also proud to be acknowledged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC recently published a case study about the firm and its wellness program that hopes to educate other companies on how to establish similar programs.

“By offering this high impact program, our employees stay healthy and we are able to have our lower than average cost on our insurance on our claims,” says Sarah Palmiero, Wellness Team Manager.

By offering a wellness program, Garver believes it increases productivity, focus and loyalty to the company.

“We offer financial, social, mental health resources and I believe that’s why Garver has played a key role in our employee retention and satisfaction,” she explains.

One thing Vickie appreciates –  

“I meet people from the transportation department, from the aviation department, to all over that I probably never talk to before,” Vickie says.

The camaraderie has developed within the wellness program.

Click here to check out the CDC case study on Garver’s wellness program.

Click here for more on the Garver wellness program.

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