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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The hospital is not the only place where patients can get treatment.

For years, Baptist Health has provided care for people in the comfort of their own home.

Shannon Hichens, who is battling Crohn’s Disease, gets her care this way.

“When your life literally takes a complete turn, you need positive people. And she was that for me,” she says.

Shannon’s Registered Nurse Case Manager is Michelle Gaunt, who visits her home a couple of times a week.

The 46-year-old has been fighting Crohn’s for nearly half her life.

“On two occasions, I spent 90 days plus in a hospital bed and I didn’t see the outside,” Shannon explains.

She then became a home health patient and this is her second go around with Baptist Health’s “Home Health Network.” She gets one-on-one attention she says makes the experience worth it.

“When you’re in your own home, you’re in your environment. You’re surrounded with, in my case, my pets, my family and you’re going to heal better,” says Shannon.

“When I first got Shannon this time around, she was pretty sick. She had a hospital bed, she had several wounds, she had a catheter,” adds Michelle.

The goal of in-home care is to teach patients how to care for themselves. Oftentimes, it’s with a tele-health machine.

“They can check their own oxygen saturations, they can check their own temperature, they can check their own weights daily, And they can enter blood sugars daily,” Michelle continues.

After the routine for more than a year, doctors recently told Shannon she’s in remission and will be discharged. 

Photos from trips, give Shannon a positive outlook on creating more memories. And while the door closes on home health care, she and Michelle have formed a special bond.

“I’m happy and fortunate to call Shannon my friend,” Michelle says.

“It was like having a member of your family take care of you,” says Shannon.

Baptist Health’s Home Health Care Network is for all patients referred by a doctor.

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