Health Matters: Arkansas Children’s Hospital launches Breastfeeding Clinic


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Now, there’s a resource for new moms who need help with breastfeeding. Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) started the State’s first Breastfeeding Clinic. Doctor Hannah Renno, a Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant, spearheaded the launch in April to help both mothers and babies achieve their feeding goals.

“It’s a hands on experience and I can make adjustments to how the baby is eating, how the mom is holding baby,” says Dr. Hannah Renno, Pediatrician and Certified Lactation Consultant.

Dr. Renno says this clinic is outpatient support that can provide both the practical side of breastfeeding advice and medical side of pediatric advice all in the same spot.

“90 percent of moms are trying. By the time we get to 3 months old, fewer than 60 percent of moms are still breastfeeding and then by the time we get to 6 months old, it’s dropped way further than that,” explains Dr. Renno.

Deanna Ray came to the clinic several weeks after her daughter Caroline was born.

“She seemed to be latching and my supply seemed to be okay because what I was pumping indicated that the supply was good, but she wasn’t gaining weight,” says Deanna Ray.

Over the last couple of months, Dr. Renno has worked with Ray and her baby for an hour each. Ray says it turns out her baby wasn’t feeding efficiently.

“She’s been truly a life changer in how I’m able to feed Caroline,” says Ray.

Doctor Renno says Arkansas ranks low when it comes to breastfeeding and hopes this clinic helps make a positive impact for years to come.

“We know that breastfeeding has benefits for both short term health: ear infections, colds things like that, and also long term health obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma,” explains Dr. Renno.

Through education and assistance, Ray believes the Breastfeeding Clinic at ACH will benefit many expectant mothers.

“I think it’s incredible and I don’t think that they could’ve found a better doctor to lead this brand new clinic in Arkansas,” she says.

If you’d like to learn more about the clinic and sign up for services, visit:

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