A couple awoke to a man with a gun inside their home


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock police are investigating a home invasion that happened over the weekend. 

It happened in the Kingwood neighborhood in Little Rock. 

Mr. and Ms. Casteel were sound asleep in their residence when Ms. Casteel awoke to a man standing in front of her holding a black handgun. Ms. Casteel said that she saw a black male, wearing a grey hoodie, blue jeans, and tennis shoes.

Her first instinct was to yell “What the hell are you doing in here,” which awoke Mr. Casteel. Mr. Casteel began to talk the man but then the man started pointing the gun at him and telling him not to move. The man then said that he did not want to hurt them, he just wanted their money. The man told the Casteel’s that his mother had just passed and that he needed the money.

Mr. Casteel then reached for his pants, which were right next to him to grab a bundle of money that was inside them. The man yelled at Mr. Casteel and told him not to move again. Mr. Casteel then began to tell the man about the money. The man allowed Mr. Casteel to reach for his pants. Mr. Casteel told the man that there was about $90 in the bundle of money.

Ms. Casteel said that the man was very nervous and trembling. She felt sorry for the man and offered him food but the man declined and left the residence through their front door. How he got into the house in the first place is still unknown.

Now neighbors are shaken up. 

” It’s very scary, ” says Jessica Halsey who lives in the area.

“My mother is 70 and if I wasn’t here and she was alone what would happen,” says Halsey. 

Other neighbors say after hearing about this they’re planning to install security systems.  

Officers did dust for prints on the front door and pulled three possible prints.

Police haven’t made any arrests.  If you have any information give LRPD a call. 

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