JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Tomorrow is All Hallows’ Eve, and in the spirit of all things spooky Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube in Jacksonville has taken an unusual twist on the services they are offering their customers.

The car wash is offering a huanted car wash, called “Gwat-Thrilla.”

“Trying to keep the spirit of Halloween alive,” says Shea Perkins, the manager at Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube.

Perkins says the idea to do a haunted themed car was just seemed like a no brainer for him and his crew.

Gwatzilla Wash-N-Lube has extended the haunted car wash event for two extra nights – this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 1st & Nov. 2nd).

“So I was like let me see if anyone has ever done it. And So I got online and I was like haunted car wash. There have been one or two in other states that I had seen. I was like I think we can do better. Let’s do better. So I got the guys together and was like what do you all think and they were like – absolutely,” he says.

The car wash appears to be the first and only in the state and Perkins says he excited to be able to offer his customers this spooky bonus with their car wash.

“Just trying to have fun. Creep people out. Spook them out. Get the kids involved. The adults involved,” he says.

The cost of the automatic wash is $20 and only last a few minutes but the but the fear factor starts from the moment the customer pulls onto the lot, with scary clowns and a Chucky approaching vehicles.

“We can walk up and gauge the interest of the car and the age and that’s how we know how much intensity to put on each car,” says Perkins. “We are most definelty kid friendly, just let us know and we don’t have to be as scary but if you say nothing, well, it gets scary.”

The event was supposed to end tonight, Oct. 30. However, Perkins says they’ve received so many calls from people interested in going that they have extended it for two extra nights – this Friday and Saturday.

For more details on the car wash, click here.