PINE BLUFF, Ark. — A steakhouse in Pine Bluff found themselves at the receiving end of a kind gesture.

“Things have been barely getting by but we are making it. though,” said Allison Hall the General Manager at Colonial Steakhouse.​

Colonial Steakhouse in Pine Bluff got a tip they won’t soon forget.​

“We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it,” said Hall.​

Allison Hall is the General Manager at the steakhouse, owned by her parents.​

Hall said regulars at the business picked up a to-go order and left the staff a huge tip.​

“She was just sobbing and saying it was their whole stimulus,” said Dana Gateley, the qwner of Colonial Steakhouse.​

The tip was $1,200.

Gateley said it was enough for every employee, even the ones not working to get $100.​

“It was nice to be able to call with some good news,” said Hall.​

Hall said it couldn’t have come at a better time.​

Since restaurants can only do curbside pickup, Colonial Steakhouse had to cut down its staff from 12 to four people.​

On top of that, they are now only open three days a week.​

“We’ve been open for a very long time, nearly 50 years, so we’re stubborn and we aren’t giving up. We are not going to give up,” said Hall.​

While the steakhouse is ready to open back up, they are ecstatic for this act of kindness during a hard time.