Good News Matters: Milk Mama Creations


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A central Arkansas woman has created a business to preserve memories in a very unique way. 

Hailey Marks learned on her own how to take pieces of these items and turn them into jewelry. 

“I can do flowers from a wedding or funeral, wedding dresses, military uniform,” says Marks. “In the beginning, it was trial and error. It took me many attempts to find a way to preserve it, so I basically taught myself.”

She created Milk Mama Creations, because the most popular item she turns into stone is breastmilk. 

“After breastfeeding my daughter for two years, I wanted a way to preserve those special memories and the time between me and my daughter,” Marks explains.

She now has a big following and requests from all over the country, and breastmilk isn’t the only thing mothers want to preserve. 

“Placenta capsules, umbilical cord stumps, or anything that is meaningful to someone or much more,” Marks lists. 

A Facebook Live video shows the intense process it takes to create a priceless treasure from a piece of jewelry to remember a special day to a piece of art.

She was able to infuse breastmilk into a painting. 

A central Arkansas mother is giving others a chance to hold on to something they cherish, that can be passed down for generations. 

For more information on Milk Mama Creations, click here

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