CONWAY, Ark. – A central Arkansas man is inspiring others with his story of overcoming many obstacles, including homelessness. 

West Helena native Demetrious Jordan had hopes to go to UCA. He went to Conway without a home or a car, but a dream. 

“No matter what you’re going through, make the best of it,” Jordan advises.

He found friends to stay with and got two jobs in that time, one in which he would walk six miles back and forth for the overnight shift. 

“I was happy and appreciative that I had the opportunity to have a job and I could make money,” says Jordan. 

A car wreck on Harkrider Street would change everything, injuring him and putting him out a lot of money. He also lost a place to stay. 

“This was the darkest time in my life, by far,” Jordan recalls. 

Although he was homeless, he was determined to stay positive. 

At one point, he found a shed to sleep in.

“I was happy,” Jordan says. “I had a blanket. I wasn’t in harm’s way. I made the best of it.”

He then heard of the Bethlehem House and applied. He waited and remained positive.

“I got a call from the Bethlehem House that I had been accepted, and I tell you, it was the greatest feeling,” he says. 

While there, he went to UCA and worked and remained extremely thankful. 

“Being here, it never felt like a homeless shelter, it felt like a home,” says Jordan.

He has since graduated from UCA with a degree in psychology and has hopes of grad school.

His attitude and determination are inspiring, to say the least. 

“Not seeing yourself as a victim, not blaming others,” he says. “If you want something to happen, get up and do it yourself, make it happen.”

He wants everyone to know if you believe, you can make your dreams happen. 

“Remain optimistic,” Jordan advises. “Do everything your power to make a positive difference.”

Jordan doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’s grateful for where he is now and thankful for the obstacles he overcame that only made him stronger. 

He says he is beyond thankful for the Bethlehem House and the people there that truly changed his life.

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