LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Second Presbyterian Church has always been passionate about helping the community through homeless and hunger ministries, but now they’re making a huge impact in the community by helping the environment.

The church, based in Little Rock has new solar panels.

“81 panels with 370 watts a piece,” says Grant Beach from Seal Solar.

They’re the first church in the state to install EV Charging Stations, and it’s not just for church members.

“We don’t have a code or a pass for it, so people in the community can use it as well,” says Steve Hancock, from the churches pastor.

It’s a recent effort in a mission for environmental stewardship.

“We are taking better care of God’s creation, which God has given us to enjoy but also to take care of.”

They’re hoping the trend doesn’t stop with them.

“We hope it will make an impact on the community and encourage other churches to do this as well.”

It not only helps with energy.

“It will reduce their youth building by almost 80%, and any excess will push those credits over to the main building, says Beach.

It’s a way to show that they care about the world that we live in.

“Doing this is an easy way to capture electricity without having any impact on our environment other than having this nice shade structure here, says Beach.”

The array will provide more than 39,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.