AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Being part of the Bush family dynasty is not lost on George P. Bush. Upon the death of his grandfather, former President George H. W. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner called Bush 41 the “greatest man I ever knew.”

The 41st president died Nov. 30 at age 94. His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush died in April at 91.

“His life spanned the American Century—he fought in World War II … took part in the Texas oil boom … served out a distinguished career in public service including serving as president during the final days of the Cold War,” Bush tweeted Friday night.

“Along the way, he married the love of his life and was a father to six, including a president and two governors,” he said. “But to me, he will always be Gampy. The man who taught me to fish in Maine, to throw a horseshoe and to swing a baseball bat lefty.”

“He was more than a great man; he was a good man. His courage was matched by his compassion; and his dedication to country was equaled only by his devotion to his family. Gampy, we love you and we will miss you. But we will never forget you,” the younger Bush continued.

From first-pitches at baseball games, to trips to the Atlantic coast, to speeches and events, Bush, the son of former presidential hopeful and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, said he learned humility from his grandfather.

“If he were here he would say it wasn’t about titles or authority or prestige it was just really about having a chance to be a part of causes greater than yourself,” he said in a June interview which focused on his roles involving Hurricane Harvey, the Alamo, and his family.

“He’s just more than the 41st President of the United States, I just know him as ‘Gampy,'” Bush said. “He had this distinguished public career (but) he always took time for me and the other grandkids.”

The 41st president went skydiving when he turned 80, 85 and 90. George P. Bush said he hoped his grandfather would be able to go skydiving for his 95th birthday, which would have been in June 2019.