Geese make big mess in Arkansas community


MAUMELLE, Ark. – Geese continue to leave a big mess in Maumelle at a popular spot.

Right now Lake Willastein Park is not only filled with geese but also their droppings. The birds are in the molting period which means they cannot fly. That has them stationary at the park and they have left a mess on the walking trails.

“You have to pick your way through it so you don’t get it on your shoes,” said one runner.

The city said they work to regulate the geese population. They even have a permit to destroy their eggs. Now the city is using equipment to vacuum up the droppings.

“We can take this equipment out and wherever the geese have been use it to clean up the areas.”

The city did say the poop issue should subside once the geese are done with the molt. Also they have reached out to Arkansas Game and Fish to see if there is another solution to the issue.

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