Fresh Ideas with Molly Maid: Spooky Messes


Molly Maid is back with some fresh ideas that are spooky good!

How to rid glitter from hard surfaces

Use a damp sponge and large bowl of water. Gently wipe the glitter with wet sponge then squeeze the sponge clean in the bowl of water and repeat until the surface is clean. Other options include Play-Doh and cotton balls.

Use a dish-wand for the spooky tub
Use a dish-wand as a magic wand to clean the tub by putting a cleaning solution of your choice in the wand. Scrub away as necessary.

Paint roller for the cobwebs
Use a paint roller to reach and gently clean the corners of your homes and other areas. Use to remove cobwebs and clean off ceiling fans as well.

How to get glitter out of your hair
Apply hair spray to paper toweling and with a mirror or help from a friend, dab the toweling. The hair spray will offer enough tackiness to lift the sparkle from your hair and scalp.

Terrifying Toothbrushes
Is your toothbrush terrifying and ready a replacement? Don’t throw it away, it can be used around the house. Clean the grout, use it for doggos vampire chompers and other places that may be harder to reach.

Potion for Your Flower Vases
Brew your potion using Alka Seltzer to clean the inside of flower vases to place near the graves.

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