FRESH Ideas: Gym and Workout Cleaning Tips with Molly Maid


We’re approaching the end of January and, hopefully, your resolutions are going strong. If you need a little boost, having all the space and items around you clean will help give you a positive boost to conquer whatever task lies before you. 

Joining the Arkansas Today crew is Michael Silva-Nash with Molly Maid, here to give us tips on how to keep cleanliness next to fitness. 

Fitness cleaning tips from Molly Maid:

1. Cleaning shaker bottles — use 2 spoonfuls of baking soda w hot water. Soak and washout with soap and water. OR use a baby bottle scrubbie to clean out the bottle.
2. Smelly shoes — remove stink from shoes by sparking baking soda into the shoes. It reacts with strong acidic compounds and gases and traps the odor.
3. Dryer sheets in gym bags.
4. Headphones — clean them with alcohol wipes.
5. DIY sanitizing wipes. Paper towels in ziplock bag, 2 parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. Wipe down gym equipment, weights, etc.

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