LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A growing business across the state sprouted a new location in the Capital City. The first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Pulaski County. Harvest House of Cannabis had its soft opening Friday.

Medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Arkansas in 2016 but the first dispensary didn’t open until 2019. Now, almost four years since legalization, this is only the 18th dispensary to open in Arkansas and the first in Pulaski County.

A packed parking lot as the doors open to the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Capital City

“We’re super duper excited. We’ve been waiting a little bit to open, the patients have been waiting for us to open,” Harvest House of Cannabis spokesperson Brooklyn Jenkins said.

According to Jenkins, it’s been a long process making sure everything is in state regulation. Every square foot has to be under 24 hour surveillance and a system was put in place that tracks sales in real time.

“If we don’t follow things to the tee then of course we don’t open and we want to be here to serve the patients in Arkansas,” Jenkins said.

Tuesday, this budding business got the stamp of approval. Since then it’s been a constant stream of patients who can’t wait to get their hands on the green.

“Patients coming to the door saying ‘hey are you open,'” Jenkins said.

“It’s really big for me,” Harvest patient Angela Williams said.

Williams is a cancer survivor.

“We’re dealing with issues like depression and pain,” Williams said.

She first tried cannabis after her doctor gave her a sample of some oil.

“It worked really like wonders just the few drops he gave me,” Williams said.

The only problem was the closest place to get it was at least 20 miles away.

“Until now and so this is like awesome,” Williams said.

Now she’s excited to get some relief closer to home, just like dozens of other parked outside getting their dose.

“I’ve been like waiting for this moment,” Williams said.

State officials just sent over approval to Herbology, another medical marijuana dispensary in Little Rock. It’s up to those owner when they want to open their doors.