Firefighters rescue 10-year-old stuck in swing


MALVERN, Ark. — A trip to the playground ends with a Malvern 10-year-old in a tight squeeze, requiring help from firefighters. 

Soaring high and trying tricks on the swings, like most kids at the playground, Javon sees no limit to fun. 

That changed during a Saturday trip to Centennial Park. Playing on the swings came to a sudden halt when Javon learned some things, you outgrow. 

“It looked a lot bigger from when I was standing up,” said Javon, in a cell phone video showing him stuck in a bucket swing.  “Every time I swung it got tighter on my knees and my legs.” 

Mom, Brittany Cross, says Javon was at the park for a friend’s birthday party and she rushed over just as firefighters were pulling up. 

“The first they did was the dish washing liquid. They lathered him up real good and it wouldn’t come out anywhere,” explained Cross. 

That’s when crews switched to bolt cutters, breaking the swing’s chains and laying Javon on a bench where they were eventually able to free him. 

“They tried to hold back their laughter till everything was done,” Cross added. “They were real cool about it.”

In all Cross says her son was stuck in the swing for about an hour. 

With the sticky situation over and Javon walking away without any injuries, Cross says her family is laughing through what happened. 

“Typical Javon, nothing new,” she said. “I think we’re done with birthday parties for a while.”

The playground is noticeably missing a bucket swing, but if it gets replaced Javon has a simple warning. 

“Good luck trying to get out,” he said. 

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