Faulkner County firefighter’s car wreck ends up saving his life


GREENBRIER, Ark. – A Faulkner County first responder’s 9-1-1 call ends up saving his life. A Greenbrier and Wooster firefighter was in a bad car wreck but during his check up, doctors found tumors in his brain.

“I just received a 27 year award hanging on the wall right there,” Firefighter Chris Burnett said.

Burnett has spend almost three decades of fighting fires for two departments, running into burning buildings and saving lives.

“I felt like I was superman. I could walk through a wall and do what I needed to do and go on,” Burnett said.

Now, he’s the one who’s life needs to be saved.

“It’s a pretty devastating. It will humble you,” Burnett said.

He went to get head scans after a car accident this week, but he never could’ve imagined what doctors would discover.

“I know it’s all malignant cancerous cells that they found,” Burnett said.

He had a mass in his brain that needed to be removed.

“It was in this area the way I’m understanding right in here,” Burnett said.

He’s not out of the woods just yet.

“There’s two other masses in there that are not very large that I’m going to go in for radiation treatment. There’s also a spot that’s on my kidney,” Burnett said.

While he’s battling his own crisis, he has to take off the suit and put down his helmet.

“I have my radios and I have my pagers and everything here. I listen to them go off and I’m thinking in the back of my head ‘guys I’m there with you but I can’t be there,'” Burnett said.

As a man who’s dedicated his life to fighting fires, Burnett says it’ll take more than cancer to keep him off the truck.

“I got several more years of this left in me and I don’t plan on letting this take me out,” Burnett said.

He will meet with an oncologist to figure out his next steps. To help Burnett and his family during this time, both fire departments have set up a GoFundMe. You can donate here.

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