Farmers hit hard again by Barry


POINSETT COUNTY, Ark.- Barry’s impacts are still being felt in Arkansas.

Farmers in northeast Arkansas say the extra rainfall has taken a toll on their crops.

One farmer in Poinsett County got around 4.5 inches of rain.

Scott Matthews said luckily, a portion of his farm only got hit with 2 inches of rain, but what he’s concerned about is his rice crop with the 4 inches of water on it.

“Our weather has actually affected us all season here,” says Matthews. “It’s delayed us for the most part. Everyone welcomes a rain in July, but a five-day weather event like Barry, it’s hurt our timing, and timing is very crucial at this stage of our rice production.”

Matthews says the rain is affecting the fungicide and nitrogen levels to his crop, which makes a big difference in his crop yield.

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