PINE BLUFF, Ark — It’s been more than two decades since Pine Bluff woman Cleashindra Hall was reported missing by her family and to this day, still no clue as to what happened to her.

Willie and Laurell Hall air up a box filled with balloons Monday. On them, is an image of their daughter, Cleashindra, whose has been reported missing since May 9, 1994.

“22 years was just like yesterday,” said Laurell. “We don’t know anymore today than we did 22 years ago.”

That day, 17 year-old Clea, as her mom calls her, was dropped off at a house down the street from where they live. The teen worked there, after school, for the man who lives there.

“I’m not thinking as I’m watching her walk in, that this was going to be the last time that I see her,” said Laurell.

Cleashindra called home that night. Laurell and her son answered.

“He picked up the phone, I picked up the extension and he said ‘Hello,” said Laurell. “I didn’t say anything and she said ‘Anybody call?’ and he said ‘No’ and she said ‘Okay bye'”

It was the last time she heard her daughter’s voice. It hasn’t been easy for mom ever since.

“I would see or have dreams of her confined somewhere and calling and I couldn’t help her,” said Laurell.

In 2012, investigators searched the house where she was reportedly last seen, still nothing.

Now, her family and friends honor her with a balloon release.

“When you have a child missing, you don’t know where they are,” said Laurell. “I can’t give up the search I have to continue.”

Laurell said she is working on a book that she hopes to have done by the end of the year.

Investigators said they have interviewed a number of people, but still no clues as to where she could be.