Family searching for nurse who saved mom when lightning hit her house


ROYAL, Ark. — A Garland County family needs help searching for a good samaritan they say helped save their mom when lightning hit her home, sparking a fire that destroyed it.

Looking at the charred pieces left of Virginia Rosenbaum’s home, her daughter says it’s nothing short of a miracle her mom survived.

“Her hair was melted to her head,” said Melissa Pumilia. “She crawled on her hands and knees because the smoke was so bad.”

It’s been about two weeks since storms rolled through Garland County, and a bolt of lightning hit Rosenbaum’s home.

“The lighting hit the trailer and spread out,” Pumilia explained.

Firefighters says the bolt was so powerful it traveled from the house, through Rosebaum’s car and up a nearby tree.

“It lit up her car and surged it where all the lights came on and stayed on,” Pumilia added.

Pumilia says her mom was asleep during the blast, and the fire spread so quickly her only way out was through a window.

“She was able to fall down to the ground and make it to the grassy area over there where the home health nurse found her,” she said.

Pumilia doesn’t know who that nurse is, but says she was driving by before firefighters got to the home and stopped to help.

“Helped her [Rosenbaum] move up here away from the flames since she was still in harms way,” she added.

Since then Rosenbaum hasn’t been able to leave the hospital, suffering from second and third degree burns.

“She’s still in the burn unit, she’s going to go to rehab,” Pumilia said. “The last couple days she’s been able to talk and visit a little bit but she’s nowhere near ready to come home.”

Pumilia believes her mom will recover all thanks to a stranger, and she’s asking that nurse to answer one more call for help.

“We just want to reach out and tell her thank you,” she said.

Adding insult to injury Pumilia says someone went by and took anything that wasn’t destroyed including copper wiring and some family pictures.

The community is trying to help the family, you can find more information about that here.

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