Family reunites in Morrilton after more than 40 years of separation


MORRLITON, Ark. – A lifetime search for a family led two women to Arkansas this weekend. Now Saturday, February 15 will be a day they’ll never forget. The family reunited after more than four decades. The siblings were separated when they were younger.  

A pleasant surprise at work for big brother Randy Boykin. He was greeted at the door of Ace Hardware by his sister Sara James. The two haven’t seen each other face to face in over 40 years.  

“To be live in person, is pretty cool. pretty crazy,” James and Boykin said.  

Saturday three of the five siblings reunited for the first time. They have the same parents but were separated at a young age. Two of them were later adopted. 

“I wish my dad could be here to see this. He fought a long and hard time in the court system trying to get us back,” sister, Carolyn Fox said.  

Fox’s fiancé also worked and help the family set up a meeting time.  

James said she didn’t know she had siblings until her adoptive parents told her when she was in her twenties.  

“I’d like to know my siblings and then to find out that information was pretty overwhelming,” James said.  

That’s when the search began. 

“On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she called me, and I was at a basketball game,” James said. “She said I found your family… including all your siblings and I was like ‘what’?” 

After meeting on Facebook, they traveled to Morrilton this weekend. One from Indiana and the other from North Carolina. Shortly after meeting, Boykin let his family meet his coworkers. They all heard of the back story beforehand.  

The family gets bigger for the siblings after they reunited Saturday in Morrilton.

“They were all really excited and everything,” Boykin said.  

The meet up wasn’t the only surprise. They brought gifts for each other after learning little interesting facts about each other.  

Now that they have finally met in person, they know just what they’ll do next.  

“Watch racing, the Dayton 500,” Boykin said. “He loves racing so that’s what we’re doing,” James said. 

The family said they seen things like this on TV but to experience it themselves is awesome. They’ll have a big family reunion in June.  

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