Family Grieves the Loss of Mother and Child in Malvern House Fire


MALVERN, Ark.– 2 people died in a house fire in Malvern. The family identified the victims as 29-year-old Kimberly Finley and her youngest child 6-year-old Ethan Manning. 

The Malvern Fire Department said the fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. 

It happened on Cherry Lane around 10a.m. Friday. 

We learned that Finley’s sister and her four other children (all under the age of 12) escaped the fire. The family said they expect doctors to discharge the sister Sunday evening. 

The family told us the 4 young kids were also burned in the fire. 

“I was told that they didn’t suffer, that they died instantly,” Deborah Manning said.

Manning is the 29-year-old’s mother and the 6-year-old’s grandmother. 

A stuffed animal, two lights, and two crosses sat outside of what’s left of this Malvern home.

Deborah Manning recounts the tragic night, “He went to where his mom was at because he wanted to go save his mom, and when he did he lost his life innocently.”

Deborah’s daughter, Kimberly Finley, and 6-year-old grandson, Ethan Manning, died when the relative’s home where they were staying caught fire the morning after Thanksgiving.

“The four older kids were burned. They got bandages on their bodies,” Manning said. 

We learned Kimberly’s 4 other kids escaped through windows with the help from a man reading meters in the area. 

As Sherri Hale, a neighbor, remembers, “This lady’s shirt had been burned off the front of her and there were babies all out in the yard screaming, and a man out there with them.”

She described her family helping the six who survived. 

“One little girl kept talking about how she needed her Epi-pens for her life and that her mommy couldn’t replace her Epi-pens,” Hale told us.

The family said Finley’s sister lived at the home only about a week before the blaze ignited. 

“He was an angel, he was a character, and always so happy. Always had a smile and go lucky.” Deborah said describing her grandson.

In the midst of grief the mother and grandmother said she’s talking in hopes someone can help them bury her child and grandchild.

The family told us Finley’s 5 children were her world. Now 4 kids are left without their mother or youngest brother. 

If you’d like to help the family, they have created a Facebook fundraiser for the funerals and for the four children now without a mother and one of their brothers.

You can reach that fundraiser by clicking here. 

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