Family Believes Deadly Mobile Home Accident Could Have Been Prevented


RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. – “I went through them that night,” Kaytlin Jennen said looking through family photos. 

“They always had to have us matching,” she said pointing at a picture of her and her big sister Alisha from many years ago. 

The sisters are three years apart in age. 

Jennen says she loved her sister Alisha Huggins, and love is now Alisha’s legacy. 

“She could not meet a person she couldn’t love,” Kaytlin said about Alisha. 

Saturday afternoon, Kaytlin says her sister and four kids were lying down to take a nap in their mobile home off Main Street in Russellville. 

“It’s a freak accident, that’s the only words for it, is freak accident,” Jennen says.

But 9 -year-old twin Anna said she felt uneasy. 

“Within 30 seconds she said ‘I heard the tree crack,'” Jennen says.

An intuitive feeling no one could imagine came before her mother Alisha, and twin brother Landon would be caught and killed under a massive tree falling on their home. 

“She didn’t go alone. She went with one of her babies,” Jennen said.  

Twin sister Anna heard her mother’s cry for help and called 911 before she took her last breath. 

“She kissed them both. She kissed them both and said ‘I love you’,” Jennen says.

The family of 6 all too suddenly and tragically became a family of 4. 

“It still doesn’t seem real yet. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Jennen says.

With grief coming in different stages, Kaytlin wants justice for her sister and nephew and believes it could have been prevented. 

“I didn’t think that it would take two lives for them to be like ‘Oh hey, we need to maybe take maintenance on trees,'” Jennen says.

The property owner called it “an act of God.” 

“There’s trees everywhere. You can’t predict when they’re going to come down. But if you know it’s rotten…” Jennen says.

A question with few answers for now, but Kaytlin finds strength for the fight from the memory of her loved ones. 

“It’ll definitely be a big change for sure,”Jennen says. “But we’ll be able to make it, especially with the family that we have.”

The other children inside the home are physically fine, according to Kaytlin. 

One child was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but has since been cared for and is back home. 

A public viewing of both Alisha and Landon is happening Wednesday night from 6 to 8 at the Humphrey Funeral Home in Russellville. 

A memorial service will happen at their church “The Journey” Thursday morning. 

The funeral home is covering the costs but donations are being accepted. 

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