Faith Matters: Career found through injury

Faith Matters

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- A Hot Springs woman has a passion for helping others through occupational hand therapy.

The journey that brought her there that truly makes her an inspiration.

When Laura Hutts was 18 years old, she was a majorette and a journalism major in college, until a driver swerved into her lane, causing a serious wreck. 

“I lost the majority of my left hand,” she says. 

She had several surgeries to reconstruct her hand, but that was just the beginning. 

“I needed a lot of occupational hand therapy to regain use of my left and right hand,” says Hutts. 

She eventually could write, type and even twirl again, all things she never imagined would happen. She even made the ASU majorette line.

“I picked my baton back up,” Hutts says. “It was painful at times.”

She says the therapy was life-changing, and she wanted to share what she experienced with other people. 

“Occupational hand therapy became a ministry,” explains Hutts. “I changed my major from journalism to occupational therapy.”

She transferred to UCA and worked hard to become certified as a hand therapist. She’s one of only 34 in the state with the 4,000 hours required for certification. She credits her faith. 

“God just took care of that entire journey for me,” Hutts says. 

Her passion also brought her to a mission trip in the Dominican Republic to help children with hand and arm injuries. 

“I felt God really called me to occupational hand therapy as ministry in my life,” she says. 

She’s now at CHI St. Vincent in Hot Springs, where she wants every one of her patients to be encouraged. 

“Don’t lose faith,” Hutts advises. “Never give up, even when it gets difficult.”

Making a difference and going beyond the call to help others recover. 

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