LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- For decades now, generations of families in the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church have passed down family recipes to make the Greek Food Festival what it is, a way to give back. 

“For 34 years, we’ve raised $1.5 million for charities, and for a church our size, around 400 families, that’s a major project,” says Father Nicholas Verdaris. 

Supporting many local charities and giving the community a reason to celebrate and fellowship. 

“A powerful vehicle for our parish to put its faith in action,” Verdaris says. 

This year, something new you can see inside the church that has been years in the making, an icon mosaic from Italy that will take your breath away.

“Handmade in the northern Tuscany region,” says Verdaris

Seven-hundred-thousand pieces of glass were placed by hand to create the mosaic. 

“It depicts Christ as the high priest, ad the head of the church and he’s celebrating his service,” Verdaris explains. 

At first sight, it looks like the face of Christ, and the great saints are painted, but those are all tiny pieces of glass. 

“All of these figures were made by one artist,” explains Verdaris. “He’s an 82-year-old man living in northern Tuscany. He, by hand, places every piece. He makes the faces, that is his gift, his talent.”

This weekend you’ll be able to see it in person, a sight that may take your breath away. 

“It ties in the message, this is God’s presence,” Verdaris says. “The spiritual presence is in His house here.” 

Verdaris will be giving tours of the church this weekend as well. 

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