Faith Matters: Church Hosting March to Raise Awareness about Importance of Father Figures

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — Saturday morning people in Conway will march together raising awareness about the importance of a father figure in the home.

Statistics prove that 63% of youth suicides and 90% of runaways come from fatherless homes.

It’s an epidemic that Pastor Frank Stewart and several members of Agape Community Temple of Servants also know as ACTS Church are working to change.

“Father deficiency. This goes beyond fatherless. He can be there and be so busy and the children don’t get what they need from their fathers,” said Stewart.

Pastor Stewart knows from experience the importance of a father.

“I have never seen my father, never heard his voice, never seen a good picture of him. It’s like he was ripped from my life,” said Stewart.

That’s why he wrote the book “Farther Deficiency”  talking about how spending time and being present with your family is important and this time with your children you can’t get back.

“No amount of money, or life insurance they leave, or amount of toys they buy, their presence is irreplaceable to that child,” said Stewart.

He says it’s never too late though to make a difference in a child’s life.

“I just want every father to know they’re irreplaceable and sometimes they don’t realize that because they’ve made mistakes. And we want them to know it’s not too late to be a good father, ” said Stewart.

ACTS Church members are helping raise awareness as well.

Marcia Smith, member of ACTS Church knows all too well how hard it is as a teenager to know how to make good choices when your father isn’t there.

“Mainly becoming a teen mom at the age of 14. No covering, no teaching, no knowing what a male model should be,” said Smith.

Now she’s using her story to help others.

“When you have a great father, that person stands in the gap and teaches you what a real man is supposed to be, what a real relationship should be, and where relationships stem from, and that is from Christ,” Smith said.

Smith is organizing a series of event for June 26th and 27th in Stuttgart including a marriage summit, rally and concert.

Pastor Stewart is holding several walks as well to encourage families.

“Huge difference we can make when the father is present and engaging. We could almost change the country overnight. Almost every social ill is connected to this,” said Stewart.

Saturday, Pastor Stewart will hold a march at Simon Park in Conway at 10:00 a.m.

Click here to learning more about ACTS Church and upcoming events.

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