Faith Matters: Church Food Festival Preparation is Family Tradition

LITTLE ROCK, AR – If you’re looking for baklava and gyros, you’re in luck. The 31st Annual Greek Food Festival is next weekend in Little Rock. 
Three generations of women are honoring their Greek roots and a family tradition by cooking for the event. 
“We’re back all together cooking. It’s nice with three generations cooking and passing recipes down,” Fofe Vasquez said. 
Grandmother Lea Ging and Daughter Fofe Vasquez have cooked together for the Greek Food Festival for the past 30 years. Now, 3-year-old granddaughter Kristina Vasquez is learning the recipes as well. This year, they’re already in the kitchen preparing for next weekend’s event. 
“It’s true Greek food. You can’t find anywhere else in town,” says Ging. 
The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church has hosted this festival for 30 years. 

“It’s really a neat opportunity to show the different cultures inside the church,” explains Jamie Groat. 
A portion of the money raised goes to the church, but a big part goes right back into the city.  

“We’ve donated 1.3 million dollars to over 30 charities in that 31 years,” says Groat. 
The Greek Food Festival is May 15-17.

Click here for the festival website.

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