Exotic tree stolen from Little Rock home


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Recently, a family posted on the Nextdoor App saying somebody pulled one of their LaceLeaf Japanese Maple trees out of its pot.

Several neighbors shared their disbelief of the plant theft and their frustration.

Gayla Kilts posted the following on Nextdoor after hearing about what happened just a few houses down.

These exotic trees can range from a couple hundred dollars to more than $1,000.

Now, this Hillcrest neighborhood is trying to get to the root of the new problem.

“This is the first I have ever heard of any kind of plant theft,” said Kilts, “to think somebody came into their yard, pulled a tree up and stole it just infuriated me.”

Kilts checked her security footage, hoping to have seen the tree-nabber, but no luck.

Kilts said petty crimes seem to happen every day on their street, but tree stealing is one of the more crazy crimes she has heard of.

“That is a lot of effort and as I said in this heat, I don’t know why you would dig anything up- you sure wouldn’t be able to put it back in the ground,” said Kilts.

Larry Price lives two doors down from Kilts. Price was outside watering his own Japanese Maple tree.

“We’ve hard car windows broken out up and down the street once or twice but a Japanese Maple? That’s interesting,” said Price.

Price said he planted his tree years ago and would hate to see it dug up after putting in so much effort.

“I would be very distraught and I would go to some length to try to find out who did it,” said Price.

Price isn’t the only neighbor who has this exotic tree, and he says he may be re-positioning where his security cameras are pointing.

As of right now, the neighborhood doesn’t have an official neighborhood watch, but it has been a topic of discussion.

Now, the neighbors and the owners of the tree said they are on the lookout for anyone selling a Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree.

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