EXCLUSIVE: surveillance video shows Sunday, drive-by shooting


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Surveillance cameras captured video of a Sunday, drive-by shooting in Little Rock during daylight hours. 

LRPD said the shooting sent 1 man to the hospital and left a neighborhood riddled with bullets.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of West 40th Street and Malloy Street. 

Our reporter Price McKeon was the only reporter to track down and obtain the surveillance video that captured the shooting. 

Our crew spent hours going door-to-door talking with people on both sides of the street and on both sides of the intersection where the drive-by shooting happened.

Every neighbor we talked with told us the same thing that bullets seemed to be blazing in every direction. 

A neighbor’s Sunday surveillance video shows an SUV driving on West 40th Street pull up to the intersection of Malloy Street. LRPD says then someone inside it appears to shoot towards a group hanging out on the block.

Eric Hill who lives at the intersection said he was watching TV when it happened. 

He said, “I heard a lot of gunshots a lot of them and we all just hit the deck and I went and crawled to my phone and dialed 911.”

Neighbors like him said they heard about 15 to 20 gunshots coming from different directions and from different guns.

Hill believes someone was hiding behind his car dodging bullets. Video shows someone running towards his car. One of those bullets that hit his car left a bullet hole about the size of a penny.

“Then next thing I notice that I saw is polices [sic] and just my neighbors. It’s kind of weird,” an 8-year-old who lives on the street said.  

We talked with the 2nd grader and his family as they left their neighborhood that was riddled with bullets.

They said they heard the gunfire that LRPD said sent one person to the hospital and left bullet holes in a home and cars around the intersection. 

“It’s kind of weird. I don’t know why that happens but that’s not supposed to happen. That’s not supposed to happen,” the kid named Brandon said. 

We talked with another neighbor who said her 10-year-old was playing where bullets blazed about 10 minutes before the shooting.

“It was just wild. It was like Call of Duty in real life,” she said. 

The woman didn’t want to show her face or use her name fearing for her life. 

“Because people crouching down (and) laying low. People running through bushes and everything. It felt like a live video game but it was real. It was real real [sic],” the woman said. 

We asked Hill how he felt after everything on Sunday. 

He replied, “Um…. we’re moving. We are going to move.”

He credited God that no one died. 

“Because had He not intervened. It could’ve been a lot worse,” Hill said. 

We are working to learn the condition of the victim. 

We learned from a police report that someone took him in a car to the hospital. 

No arrest has been made yet. 

LRPD asked anyone who recognizes the SUV or has information, in this case, to contact them at 501-371-4636. You can remain anonymous. 

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