Ex-employee alleges behavioral hospital is understaffed; three sexual assaults reported since 2017, records show


One week after a mother alleged her son was sexually assaulted at the Maumelle Behavioral Hospital, a former employee of the facility is making allegations of her own.

“In my opinion, the staffing wasn’t adequate to watch the children as closely as needed to be watched,” the nurse says.

The nurse, who wants to remain anonymous, describes conditions that she believes put kids at risk.

She says she worked at the Maumelle Behavioral Hospital from 2016-2018. When she heard a report of a child being sexually assaulted there, she says she was not surprised.

“To be honest, that’s not the first incident. The others really just haven’t been made public,” she says.

We obtained Maumelle police records dating back to 2017, which show that in the last two and a half years, officers were called out for sexual assault reports at the Maumelle Behavioral Hospital at least three times during that time period.

A spokesperson for the hospital’s parent company, Methodist Family Health, said in a statement: “Methodist Behavioral Hospital has no knowledge of these reports being investigated or substantiated.”

“In the back of my mind, I always felt like something would come up.” the ex-employee says.

The former employee describes workers being stretched thin manning two units of kids rather than one.

“That’s when they [the children] start acting up and taking advantage of the situation.”

The spokesperson responded to those claims by stating: “Methodist Behavioral Hospital meets all state and federal regulations as well as reporting and staffing guidelines, and we are not understaffed. Methodist Family Health takes seriously our mission to provide the best possible care to those who may need it. “

The former employee says the conditions she experienced led her to leave her job at the hospital in 2018.

The Maumelle Police Department did not release the narratives or actual reports related to the sexual assault claims at the hospital. It’s unclear whether investigations into those claims are still ongoing.

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