UAMS offers stipend, paid tuition to attract more researchers


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A local hospital is offering to pay for students’ PhD’s in hopes of attracting more researchers to find lifesaving cures.

“I don’t know how else to put it the cures and stuff wouldn’t exist without research,” said current PhD student Brian Koss.

UAMS is looking for students for its graduate program in interdisciplinary biomedical sciences. It offers students the opportunity to pursue training in a wide range of disciplines while providing foundation in the basic science.

Some of the areas of study include biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, neuroscience, pharmacology and toxicology.

“There is actually more of a demand for it than there has been previously,” explained UAMS’s Graduate program Dean Bobby McGehee.

These students will be involved in different kinds of research ranging from curing certain types of cancers to understanding the fundamental mechanisms for osteoporosis.

The objective is to better understand human disease and develop new methods of treatment/prevention.

PhD students receive a stipend of $30,000 and their tuition is paid.

“For a lot of people it makes it possible for someone who has other obligations in their life. They wouldn’t be able to go back to school if it wasn’t for that support UAMS provides,” said Koss.

The hospital hopes this small investment in education will pay out in a big way.

“This place is full of laboratories not just in this building but across the campus with people trying to discover cures for diseases cancer,” said McGehee.

The deadline to apply is February 1st of this year.

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