LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – UA Little Rock has a new home for its construction students.

Thursday morning university leaders unveiled the new Bernhard student club headquarters, a newly renovated space dedicated to student clubs in the department of Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering.

The headquarters is the result of a partnership between Bernhard and U A Little Rock students, including Magen Schlesier who designed and pitched the renovation as part of a project her senior year.

She said to see the finished space is emotional.

“This is a space that can be used now, it’s a home for student chapters and our student clubs for the construction department and so that’s an incredible thing,” Schlesier said. “I was almost in tears because it really evoked a huge emotional reaction out of me to see, it kind of made it real that it’s finished.”

At the headquarters, students will be able to meet, work on projects, and network with industry leaders across the region.