PULASKI COUNTY, Ark – A group of students in the Pulaski County School District will repeat the first day of school next week.

The district says they’re having to adjust classes based on the number of students enrolled in certain grade levels.

In some cases, this means moving a student to a different school in the district.

“Basically, we’re doing the first day all over again,” said PCSSD parent Veronica Bailey.

Veronica Bailey says she got a call from the district Monday saying there were too many kids in the Kindergarten class at Sylvan Hills Elementary and her daughter, Violet, would have to move.

“I’m the protector so my instant is anger,” said Violet’s father Jeffery Bailey.

District leaders say it’s one of the hardest calls they must make.

After first day counts, Jessica Duff, says the district reassesses class sizes to make sure they are up to state standards. If they are over, adjustments must be made.

“We would much rather make sure the student is getting that attention in an appropriate classroom size than to be overcrowded,” said Jessica Duff with the Pulaski County Special School District.

Duff says the district makes decisions on movement based on who registered last and provides transportation to the new school.

The Bailey’s say they wish they knew of the changes earlier so they could make adjustments of their own.

“Having to be away from parents all day long, it’s a lot to deal with, so having to do that all over again it’s stressful,” said Violet’s stepmother Samantha Bailey.

The district says at least eight students were moved from Sylvan Hills Elementary this year.

Leaders say they want to emphasize the importance of registering early to prevent events like this in the future.