LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A celebration Wednesday morning in North Little Rock as students began moving into Short College’s brand-new dorm.

The new residence hall is two stories with 48 beds. It’s the first of three dorms planned for the next five years, which once filled will almost double enrollment.

The campus hasn’t been able to house its athletics or out-of-town students for decades since their old housing went into disrepair and was later demolished.

Shorter College President Jerome Green said enthusiasm at the school is palpable.

“We are just excited at a reset, at a return to normal and then to more than normal, to having residential life on the campus,” Green said.

Green explained the years before integration were tough for historically Black colleges and universities.

Because of the expanded choice of their student base, Shorter College had to become competitive.

Shorter College was founded in 1886 and describes itself as the only private, two-year historically Black college in the nation.