SEARCY, Ark. – Beyond the textbooks and lesson plans, some school districts in central Arkansas are putting an emphasis on mental health.

This year, Searcy Public Schools is implementing an easy way for students and their families to get the help they need.

Searcy Public Schools Director of Counseling and Mental Health Katie Sipes spoke on the importance of extending mental health resources.

“I think we’re going to see the biggest change when you include parents, when you include the community because we all know it doesn’t start and stop with the kid,” Sipes said.

Sipes is helping the district spearhead a new form of counseling for families. The website is called and it helps connect district families to counselors that can help in real time.

“It gives them somebody to reach out to once a week, 24 access through email and text, if it’s just a bad day so just having someone to talk to through it all, because they need that too,” Sipes said.

The website also includes videos and questionnaires on a variety of topics from motivating students to inclusion, to emotional support.

The website includes a point for everyone, even teachers, Staff can access the website to get help with a class, or student.

“When you struggle to communicate, you struggle to get your emotions across to people and express yourself,” Sipes said.

The district thinks the move will push the conversation forward and help students and staff far outside school halls.

“We can try to pour all the content we want to in there but unless those needs are met, we can’t accomplish anything academically,” Searcy Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said.  

The website is completely free to all those in the district.

To register, go to and create a username and password.