LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas School Safety Commission met Tuesday for the final time before it hands over its interim report to Governor Asa Hutchinson.

The commission reconvened following the Uvalde school shooting in May.

“No campus should ever be without an armed presence at all times when staff are attending class or major extra-curricular activities,” said Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder, who is the Chair of the Law Enforcement and Protection Subcommittee.

Helder is recommending more armed officers on campus and making active shooter training mandatory throughout the state for officers.

“I can’t think of a better time to get it done than now… that we become a little bit more forceful in our approach as far as what we want the legislature to do.”

Hot Springs Police Chief Chris Chapmond, the Chair of the Intelligence and Communications Subcommittee recommends closely monitoring the social media of potential shooters.

“That will allow law enforcement to develop intelligence specialists,” Chapmond said. “Once those suspicious activity reporters come in we need to have the ability to track them.”

Other ideas mentioned Tuesday –keeping school and classroom doors locked at all times and more closely monitoring firearm sales in the state.

“We can get there,” Sheriff Helder said. “I truly believe that or I wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

An interim report is due to Governor Hutchinson Monday, August 1.

The commission will meet again August 9.