Pulaski Heights Elementary, Middle School move to Hall High School


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Students at Pulaski Heights Elementary and Pulaski Heights Middle School are returning to in-person learning tomorrow but not on their normal campus.

The students are now calling Hall High School home until further notice.

“My colleagues and I were very upset because we love our building,” said Elizabeth Haskett, Music Specialist at Pulaski Heights Elementary.

The historic snowstorm in Central Arkansas caused district-wide damage in Little Rock schools.

Two schools, Pulaski Heights Elementary and Middle School, are closed indefinitely after losing power and broken pipes flooded the building.

Both schools transitioned to virtual learning for more than a week but now they are moving to Hall for in-person learning.

“Because we’ve had to on and off due to quarantine or different closures, the weather, who knows. We’ve gotten good as a school at transitioning back and forth,” Haskett said.

PHE Music Specialist Elizabeth Haskett took videos for parents and students so they could get a tour of their new temporary campus.

Haskett said they get a stand-alone building that was the ninth-grade wing. Students will only have to go into the high school area to use the cafeteria.

“We were all nervous especially with it being a high school,” said Haskett.

Haskett said all her nerves were checked at the door when she went to see their new space at Hall.

“You would not know this is a high school. They’ve brought over all their decorations, it looks like an elementary school when you walk in,” said Haskett.

“This entire year people have had to scramble at the last minute,” said Angela Alexander, PTA president and parent.

Angela Alexander has a fifth-grader at PHE. She said while they would rather be in their normal classrooms, she has full confidence the new space will work.

“It’s pretty devastating, we all just want to be there, it’s home,” Alexander said. “They have completely transformed this building at Hall to make it a beautiful PHE space. I really don’t have any concerns at all. I feel very confident in our staff to take care of them like they always do.”

As for the teachers, they have spent the last four days transferring supplies, artwork and belongings to the new campus.

“We already have everything unpacked and ready to go. We are really excited to see the kids tomorrow,” said Haskett.

Haskett said the teachers were told to prepare to be at Hall through spring break or possibly longer.

Either way, she said, they will make it work like they have all year.

“This could have been a really hard experience, but I think it’s turned out to be a good experience and the kids are excited to go on a field trip to a high school,” said Haskett.

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