LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Thousands of students are one click away from a better sense of security. Whether you have a safety question, or emergency, or just want the comfort of not feeling alone, there’s now an app for that at UA Little Rock.

The Trojan Campus Safety app has features for students, staff, and visitors.

Regina Carter, associate vice chancellor of public safety and chief of police for UA Little Rock, said their previous safety app went offline a couple of years ago due to lack of use. As a result, certain capabilities went away.

“I did miss the chat with the campus police. I truly missed that,” Carter said.

The live chat feature lets anyone connect directly with a dispatcher within seconds. Then you can text them exactly what emergency you are experiencing, and they will make the appropriate response.

Another tool is the “virtual escort” where students allow campus police to monitor them as they walk from one location to another.

Campus police will call students who don’t reach their destination and send responders to their location if students don’t respond.

“It all started when students didn’t feel safe walking home to their dorms at night,” Jacob Ray, Student Government Association President stated.

The SGA has been instrumental in bringing the safety app to campus with the Department of Campus Safety and university administration.

Through the app, users can access the university’s emergency plans, campus maps, and support resources. They can send anonymous tips reporting suspicious activity, crimes in progress, and safety concerns.

Users can even upload pictures and videos, a feature that is especially useful if students find themselves in a situation where they are unable to talk.

“I am definite that this is going to be without a shadow of a doubt something that people will utilize,” Chief Carter said.

Making sure people use it is key to its success. This iteration will be available on both Apple App and Google Play Stores, which doubles the reach the previous app had.

“Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our campus family. I invite everyone on campus to participate in creating a safer environment by downloading the app,” Chief Carter said.