HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – The Hot Springs School District is the first school in Garland County, and the second school in the state to install concealed weapons detectors.

Hot Springs School District Police Chief Caryl Seymour said this technology can pinpoint where an unsafe item is on someone.

“The screen will show up, take a picture of that subject and will put a red box around the area of where that object is supposed to be,” Seymour said.

Not only do they detect weapons, or items that could be weapons, but they also detect vapes.

“Anything that can harm a student, we are trying to keep out of our buildings,” Seymour said.

Superintendent Stephanie Nehus said the school district purchased the detectors through a $250,000 school safety grant provided by the state, as well as some of the district’s money.

“We ended up buying three of the systems, we wanted to make sure we have a two-lane system here at the Hot Springs Junior Academy,” Nehus said. “We have a two-lane system next door at Hot Springs World Class High School.”

The detectors are also mobile, and the district has one that rotates through the elementary schools and will be used at large events.

“This was the natural next step for us as it is a visible sign that we do take safety very seriously,” Nehus said.

Seymour said that the safety of the kids and staff is their top priority.

“Anything that takes place on our school campuses we try to ensure that we are offering the safest environment that we can for your kids,” Seymour said.