ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – Henderson State University on Monday announced deep cuts to their undergraduate degree programs.

The plan revealed by Chancellor Chuck Ambrose would do away with many of the undergraduate programs and save the school almost $5.5 million through 2024.

The programs affected will be history, geography, political science, public administration, social science, criminal justice, early childhood development, consumer sciences, human services, biology, radiology, chemistry, mathematics, nuclear medicine technology, medical lab science, studio art, art education, communication, theatre arts, English, Spanish, and music.

According to the plan, students currently enrolled in those degree programs, or set to enroll in the fall of 2022, will be able to finish their chosen degrees at the university.

The plan revealed would also cut 88 jobs of the 67 filled and 21 currently unfilled positions, 56 of which are tenured professors. The cuts have been rumored for a few months now.

The cuts will not be final until they go before the Arkansas State University System Board on Thursday for a vote at 10 a.m., according to the Arkansas Times.

The chancellor’s recommendations can be found in full at the Henderson State University website.