CABOT, Ark. — A unique class session at Cabot Middle School South helps kids get up to speed with their assignments. But for those who are ahead, they’re working on helping their community. It’s an operation of their own to send care packages for their troops serving overseas.

“They’re going to be happy. They’re going to be like oh my gosh this is from my child from all the way on the other side of the world,” says Amaya, 5th grader.

For 10-year-old Amaya, this project is personal.

“It makes me happy to make my dad happy,” she says.

Her dad is stationed in Africa. She keeps a picture of him in her pocket. It’s been 4 months since she’s seen him, so she’s eager to send off a care package her class has made for him and other military men and women in Japan, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. While we were watching students put the boxes together, 11-year-old Steven got to facetime with him mom who’s deployed on the other side of the world.

“She’s going to be so surprised, and say wow these kids are so thoughtful,” says Steven, 5th Grader.

They’re packing boxes with cookies, snacks, thank you cards, even games that military service members can give to kids abroad.

“I hope other kids who are getting boxes sent to are happy too,” says Amaya.

It’s a team effort where they all work on gathering items for their cause. They’ve already put together packages for first responders, food pantries, nursing homes, homeless shelters, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and the Lonoke Women’s Shelter.

“I would love to see more students get involved if they have the chance next year or today,” says Steven.

The children love to do this and hope these care packages give military men and women a little piece of home.

“When I see him I’m going to be crying,” Amaya says.

And let them know they’re thought about each and every day until they return to their families.