Education Matters: Students have their eyes on one word for 2020


CABOT, Ark.– A splash of paint highlights one word for the new year. It’s a 4th-grade class assignment at Stagecoach Elementary School in Cabot that one teacher hopes students can grow from.

“I chose faith because sometimes I’ll be scared to do something and I can’t trust myself and I’ll feel like I’ll mess up,” says Olivia, 4th grader.

“Faith” is the first word that comes to mind for Olivia.

“A test. I’m scared that I’m not gonna get a good grade and sometimes I need to have faith in myself that I can get a good grade,” she says.

A focused Sebastian, 9, chose “Friendly.”

“If you be really nice to other people, then they’ll be really nice to you,” he says.

A lot went into the word they chose. They thought about the person they want to become, kind of characteristics about that person and how they want to be remembered as.

“Some of the most valuable lessons are matters of the heart,” says Christy Lyons, 4th Grade Teacher.

Christy Lyons says she’s learned so much about her students already, and hopes this assignment impacts their education and the person they grow up to be.

“I think this is something they’ll be able to use beyond 4th grade: in their home, on their teams, in sports,” she says.

A 2020 vision, kids are already working towards.

“Always be helpful. Always be giving,” says Sebastian.

“Well I will always pray to God and trust that he will keep me safe,” says Olivia.

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