Education Matters: Hallway heroes in Cabot schools


CABOT, Ark. – The parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of some local students are stepping in to make a difference.

They’re serving as hallway heroes by lending a hand wherever help is needed.

At Central Elementary in Cabot, you’ll find Treva Boardman helping students all over campus.

“I shelve all the books. I help the children find books. I may help them get on an iPad, I may help them work a puzzle,” she explains.

The 67-year-old spent 40 years as a school media clerk. During retirement, she decided she wanted to get back in school. This time, as a hallway hero.

“When you get the hugs and the high fives from the kids, your heart grows,” she adds.

Treva has a grandson at the high school.

“And I did not think he would want grandma up there,” says Treva.

Now, she spends at least two days a week with elementary students.

“I feel like I have a lot of children yes!,” she says.

“She’s so humble I don’t think she realizes how much of an impact she has on these kids,” says Melissa Bulice, Library Media Specialist.

She started working with Treva last summer and says she’s been a wonderful addition to the staff since.

“When she worked kindergarten with me last year and they saw her this year come back, the whole group came and hugged her. They were so excited. And I think there’s a few who even call her grandma (laughs),” says Bulice.

These hallway heroes create a special bond with kids. It’s a sight to see and that’s why school leaders would like to see more people get involved.

“I would hope because you know you’re not too old. I mean look at me. (laughs),” says Treva.

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