Education Matters: Group of therapists create way for students to focus in school


SHERWOOD, Ark. — Students at Clinton Elementary in Sherwood are jumping for joy for a new activity in their school hallway.

Shira Engle teaches the third grade and has utilized the Eagles Pass for several weeks now.

Teachers typically send their kids to the Eagle’s Pass to get a quick brain break. The teachers say that what it does is help with coordination skills, motor skills and once kids complete a task it is like a boost in confidence.

Therapist with the Pulaski County Special School District developed a sensory path to help kids with their movements and self-regulation.

“I like to zig zag on the zig zag and jump on the footprints,” said Reighla a 2nd grade student at the school.

Whether it is tip-toeing along an “s” shaped line, hopscotch or doing wall push-ups teachers have found the Eagle Pass increases positive behavior and motivates students.

“If I mention in class ‘hey guys we’re almost ready for the Eagle Pass’ they know ok let’s work a little bit harder and it will be time to go.” said Engle one of the Clinton teachers.

Teachers say they see their students work hard all day and sometimes they just need a break, and kids are seeing the benefits too.

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