Education Matters: Certified Law Enforcement Officer makes impact on campus


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Education Matters to a Certified Law Enforcement Officer who’s making the transition from the streets to school. Talk to any student at Cabot High School and they’ll tell you nothing but great things about Deputy Larry Thomas.

“He dances a lot, really,” says Autumn Russell, student.

“He’s always like smiling, and always tries to help you in your day with grades or with sports,” says Brianna Priester, student.

Teens call him Deputy T. This is his second year and he’s the first person people want to say hi to.

“He’s gonna be the one who will try and make your day, he’s always going to say hi to the in-crowd and say ‘hey I hope you’re having a good day, have a good day, I love you,'” says Russell.

But little do they know, Deputy Thomas says these kids encourage him too. His goal?

“That my kids are successful and encouraged,” says Deputy Larry Thomas, Certified Law Enforcement Officer.

They talk band, music and school. You can find him at after school events like ROTC and football games to root on his kids.

“I just try to make sure I’m that resource for them, I’m their shoulder,” says Deputy Thomas.

His work and passion for kids has a lot to do with what he does when he’s not in uniform. Deputy Thomas is part of a gospel band, “Meant By God.”

“We have children that really need that help, they need that guidance, they need you know that love,” says Thomas.

The fact that he cares is emotional for some students.

“He makes me feel as I’m home, and I’m gonna start crying because this is so emotional to me because I feel as if he’s my own father,” says Russell.

A father figure on campus that’s leaving a huge impact well after graduation.

Through the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Thomas is able to work at the school.

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