Education Matters: 8-year-old authors book to end bullying, inspire kids to be kind


MAUMELLE, Ark. – A 3rd grader is hoping to put an end to bullying through her new book and inspire other kids to be kind to one another.

The next time kids go to the library at Pine Forest Elementary 8-year-old Kamille Mohler hope they will grab her new book. 

“The book is about what people might get bullied for, and so the next time they get bullied, they stand up for themselves,” says Kamille Mohler.

Kamille said the idea came after a message from church one day about how kids change the world. 

“My mom asked me what I would do to change the world, and I said stop bullying,” she says.

Kamille has since written and published “I Am Not” to bring awareness to the problem in schools.

“It makes me feel so sad. Just really sad,” Kamille says. “There are already millions of kids who already commit suicide from this and that’s why it’s such a big issue.”

You’ll find in the book a calendar. Kamille wants kids to write down something nice they said to someone every day.

“Like thank you, please, you look nice.”

Her friends love the book and think it’s a great way to spread kindness across the hallways.

Most importantly Kamille hopes the words in her bok send a strong message. 

“The reason why it’s titled ‘I Am Not’ is because I am not the struggle people say I am and kids are not what other people say they are,” says Kamille.

Instead, she wants people to focus on the good and seeing the best in others. 

She hopes to get a traveling van to share her book with others and spread awareness of bullying. 

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