SHERWOOD, Ark. – As schools across Arkansas have started back, extreme temperatures have become a concern.

Sylvan Hills band director Mark Bailey said the band has been taking extra precautions.

“The band did not rehearse this morning, but we will be out here tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening,” Bailey said.

Marching to the beat of the sun’s drum as he said they try to practice when it’s not directly beating down.

“I tell the students we don’t wait to hydrate during rehearsal – we need to be hydrated when we come to rehearsal, we need to hydrate during rehearsal,” Bailey said.

Bailey said the marching band entails physicality, rhythm, memorization, and the strength to persevere through the elements.

“It’s very challenging to begin with and then you add the heat on top of that and that’s obviously another layer that makes it difficult to focus,” Bailey said.

The band isn’t the only activity changing their schedule. Football practice has been moved to indoor facilities, golf practice has been canceled for the week, and recess in elementary schools has been moved inside.

“We’ve got a show to learn and a ballgame coming up on Friday, so we got to get ready for those things,” Bailey said.

Bailey said the heat comes with being in the marching band, and students’ passion for music powers them through.

“They love playing their instrument, they love making music, they love performing, they don’t love the heat, but they know that’s part of it. They give their best and that’s all I can ask for,” Bailey said.