Bryant elementary students fight climate change with recycling projects


BRYANT, Ark. – It’s a hot topic from our nation’s Capitol, state to state, and the suburbs of Little Rock–climate change and how we can make an impact to help the environment. 

A group of elementary kids is doing their part by taking out the trash.

It’s hard to believe but this group of Bryant Elementary School students actually enjoys taking out the trash.

“I love where I can take my bucket outside and empty it.”

It’s hard enough to get some adults to do that! But they look forward to it!

“They get so excited, Wednesday morning they will not let me forget we have to go do Green Team,” says Carly Wise, 4th grade Bryant Elementary School teacher.

4th-grade teacher Carly wise brought the Green Team together five years ago.

“I just wanted to give back to the community in different ways and this got the kids involved,” says Carly Wise. 

These elementary kids aren’t alone–

College students from across Arkansas came to the capitol last week with hundreds of littered bottles to fight for a bill to clean up the Natural State. All ages doing their part.

And the Green Team is doing their part by being involved in several ways.

“We’re putting the 3rd graders’ pop tabs into their bucket since they have a full bag.”

This team collects pop tabs to donate to children’s hospital, they participate in fashion shows and collect bikes.

Last week alone they collected more than 250 bikes to be recycled and handed out to kids in Saline County.

So while this job may be almost done–these kids are doing their part to open the door and dumping more positive reactions, to cleaning our earth.

“If we lose too many trees we won’t have enough oxygen in the future years.”

The Green Team’s next project is a re-fashion bash.

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