RUSSELVILLE, Ark. – The Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees voted unanimously during a special called meeting to terminate the school’s president.

On Saturday, ATU President Dr. Robin E. Bowen was terminated without cause by the board.

In a 2018 employee agreement between the ATU Board of Trustees and Dr. Bowen, it stated the board must provide a 60-day advance written notice of termination without cause, which according to a release on the university’s website, was provided to Bowen after the meeting.

In the release, The Chairman of the ATU Board of Trustees Jim Smith said that board is grateful for the president’s services during her tenure to Arkansas tech and that the decision was not taken lightly.

According to Smith, ATU’s current Head of Administration, Management and Operations Dr. Russell Jones will become the acting interim president for the upcoming 60-day period and continue in the role afterwards.

“Dr. Bowen will act in such manner and provide such services to Dr. Jones to provide for the ease and administrative convenience of an effective and seamless transition of the Office of President to Dr. Jones in his capacity as interim president and to support Dr. Jones in these endeavors. Dr. Jones, in his capacity for being responsible for the management, administration and operations of Arkansas Tech, will be responsible for all events pertaining to Arkansas Tech University during this 60-day period, specifically including the designation of speakers, presenters, hosts, invitees and guests at Tech events. The goal is to provide for the ease, convenience and proper administration of Tech during this fall semester. We are grateful to Dr. Jones for his continued service as well as the rest of the executive committee, which has done an outstanding job in helping start the fall semester.”

Chairman of the ATU Board of Trustees Jim Smith