LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Schools across central Arkansas are continuing to offer the AP African American Studies course to students despite the state’s decision not consider it for AP credit.

Officials with eStem, North Little Rock and Jacksonville High Schools announced that they will continue to offer the course. The schools’ decisions comes after the Arkansas Department of Education decided that the course would not be recognized for state credit for the 2023-2034 school year.

eStem school officials said that representatives from the state’s education department made a phone call to discuss the change.

According to eStem officials, the department told them that the course will be recognized as a local school credit and an elective course if it was offered. The course will also not be weighted on the AP 5.0 GPA scale nor will the state of Arkansas pay for the cost of the AP African American Studies exam, officials said.

North Little Rock and eStem High School officials said that their schools will continue to offer AP African American Studies as a local elective credit, and it will be weighted on a 5-point scale. Officials with Jacksonville High School said that students will receive a local, weighted elective credit for the course and will be able to take the AP exam at the end of the school year.

eStem school officials also said that the cost of the course exam will be paid for by the high school and North Little Rock school officials said that they are considering options for covering the costs of the exam.

All students who pass the course and take the exam at eStem High School will be awarded the eStem’s High School’s first Medal of Historical Pursuit and Valor, which may be worn during graduation.

Officials with the Little Rock School District announced Wednesday that the district will continue to offer AP African American Studies.

Jonesboro School District officials said Jonesboro High School would continue offering AP African American Studies. Officials said the district will seek outside funding to pay for the course exam.

The University of Arkansas also joined other schools in offering the AP African American Studies. University officials said that they will accept the results if a student pays for the exam.