Education Matters: Tang Soo Do


CABOT, Ark. – A form of martial arts is instilling discipline and respect in a local classroom.

A volunteer instructor is using Tang Soo Do to keep kids on the right track.
Twice a week, a group of students at Ward Central Elementary swap out their clothes for their martial arts uniform.

They’re kicking their lessons into higher hear with the Korean martial art.

“It’s kind of challenging, but it’s like fun at the same time,” says Jaylin, a 4th grader.

He says the club has helped him make new friends and pick up some Tang Soo Do techniques.

“We have blocks, stances, punches,” he explains.

Not to mention, these kids love their instructor, Jim Yowell.

He volunteers to share his passion for Tang Soo Do with children.

“They learn to look ahead. They learn to plan. They learn that nothing is given to you, you must earn it,” says Yowell.

The club teaches students more than just the basic forms. It also helps them gain life skills.

“If you showed respect to your fellow students and your teachers and the school staff, then that bleeds over into life,” he adds.

Yowell hopes students will carry that lesson outside the classroom.

Some have upgraded their belts in the last three months and say they want to keep punching their way through.

“It’s just fun doing it,” says Jaylin.

The Tang Soo Do club is one of many other clubs at the school and is thanks to a federal grant.

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